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Saturday 11 April 2020

[Answer] Sea creatures that move by jet propulsion crossword clue

  • Sea creatures that move by jet propulsion Jet propulsion is the propulsion of an object in one direction, produced by ejecting a jet of fluid in the opposite direction. By Newton's third law, the moving body is propelled in the opposite direction to the jet. Reaction engines operating on the principle of jet propulsion include the jet engine used for aircraft propulsion, the pump-jet used for marine propulsion, and the rocket engine and plasma thruster used for spacecraft propulsion. Biological systems include the propulsion mechanisms o…Among the radiata, jellyfish and their kin, the main form of swimming is to flex their cup shaped bodies. All jellyfish are free-swimming, although many of these spend most of their time swimming passively. Passive swimming is akin to gliding; the organism floats, using currents where it can, and does not exert any energy into controlling its position or motion. Active swimming, in contrast, involves the expenditure of energy to travel to a desired location.Some can employ as a locomotion and others like a stingray but with greater fluttering fluidity in their jelly-like "wings". In the environment and without the sophisticated cognitive machinery of the cephalopods , their motion appears to be somewhat erratic, but they do reach their goals, such as the , according to the wave …Squid are rapid swimmers, moving , and largely locate their prey by sight. They are among the most intelligent of invertebrates, with groups of Humboldt squid having been observed hunting cooperatively. They are preyed on by sharks, other fish, birds, seals and cetaceans, particularly sperm whales.Pyrosomes are planktonic, which means their movements are largely controlled by currents, tides, and waves in the oceans. On a smaller scale, however, each colony can itself slowly by the , created by the coordinated beating of cilia in the branchial baskets of all the zooids,...

    A (plural ) or (plural or salpas) is a barrel-shaped, planktic tunicate. It by contracting, thus pumping water through its gelatinous body, one of the most efficient examples of


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