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Sunday 25 July 2021

[Solution] The Los Angeles Times Crossword Answers Today Sun Jul 25 2021

Welcome to our free daily The Los Angeles Times crossword puzzles Answers Sun Jul 25 2021. The Los Angeles Times is a daily newspaper based in El Segundo, California, which has been published in Los Angeles, California, since 1881. It has the fifth-largest circulation in the U.S., and is the largest American newspaper not headquartered on the East Coast. The creators of the LA Times newspaper has also shared 2 pages of their newspaper with some games that you can play while you are having a break. 

Following the clues and attempt to fill in all the Los Angeles Times puzzle’s squares making you tedious?. We at happy to help you with crossword answers. Check back each day for a new LA Times Crossword Answers or explore ones we recently published. Here is the complete list of clues and answers for the Sun Jul 25 2021, LA Times crossword puzzle. Thank you once again for visiting website in solving all the Sun Jul 25 2021 Times Crossword Answers.

1. Need in many outdoor games : BALL


2. Basic card game : WAR


3. Saltpetre : NITRE


4. Takeout option : THAI


5. Camaro __-Z : IROC

Camaro __-ZThe Camaro ZThe LT-1 engine in the 1970 The Chevrolet  

6. They may be crumbled in ice cream : OREOS

They may be crumbled in ice creamCookies and creamThe Banoffee pieThe  

7. With 59-Across, old English nursery rhyme being investigated by the detectives in this puzzle : WHOKILLED


8. Coffee mate? : DONUT


9. German finale : ENDE


10. Chaotic situation, in slang : CARNAGE


11. Wealthy TV sleuth Matt : HOUSTON


12. Hard-boiled sleuth Mike : HAMMER


13. Northern sky sight : AURORA

Northern sky sightAn Cygnus is a Sky GroupMarried at First  

14. __ ballerina : PRIMA

__ ballerinaA ballet dancer (Italian: BallerinaBallerinaPrima ballerina assoluta 

15. Where Charlie "may ride forever," in a 1959 hit : MTA


16. Gaming biggie : ATARI

Gaming biggieSkillshareKnowhereA bead is a small, decorative object that is formed in a variety of shapes and sizes of a material such as stone, bone, shell, glass, plastic, wood or pearl and with a small hole for threading or stringing. Beads range in size from under 1 millimetre (0.039 in) to over 1 centimetre (0.39 in) in diameter. A pair of beads made from Nassarius sea snail shells, approximately 100,000 years old, are ...

In front of a  

17. Watchdog org.? : ASPCA


18. Exploit : MILK


19. Falcon-finding sleuth Sam : SPADE


20. Medieval Asian leader : KHAN


21. Consents : YESES


22. Twosomes in the news : ITEMS


23. Guadalajara gold : ORO


24. Gulf of Aqaba city : EILAT


25. Took the sloop : BOATED


26. Twinkly-eyed sleuth Jane : MARPLE


27. Wisecracking sleuth Philip : MARLOWE


28. Spammer, e.g. : EMAILER


29. City on Utah Lake : OREM


30. Cordial relations : AMITY

Cordial relationsRelationsIsrael–United Arab Emirates Ethiopia–Sudan Pakistan's diplomatic  

31. See 17-Across (and see circles for the solution to the mystery) : COCKROBIN


32. It's a fact : DATUM


33. Pain in the neck, e.g. : ACHE


34. Roman fiddler : NERO


35. Rickman role in Harry Potter films : SNAPE


36. Smidge : TAD


37. Feint on the ice : DEKE


38. FYI cousin : BTW


39. Sound from a spa : AHH


40. Vientiane native : LAO


41. "Just watch me" : LIKESO


42. Metaphor for youthful indiscretion : WILDOATS

Metaphor for youthful indiscretion 

43. Former senator Specter : ARLEN


44. Caviar : ROE


45. Having a calm temperament : NODRAMA


46. Identity-concealing attire, in a Dumas novel : IRONMASK


47. Coffee hr. : TENAM


48. Compact item : ROUGE

Compact itemThe Compact carA Microsoft  

49. Perfume compound : ESTER


50. Epidemic-fighting agcy. : CDC


51. Mural opening : INTRA


52. Sashimi selection : AHI


53. Given to overacting : HAMMY


54. Navel type : OUTIE


55. Eurasian divide : URALS


56. Star-Lord portrayer Chris : PRATT


57. Theme park staple : RIDE


58. Samoan port : APIA


59. One of many on a phone these days : PHOTO


60. Rod in Cooperstown : CAREW


61. Positive pole, perhaps : ANODE


62. "Hang in there" : KEEPITUP


63. Left on a sloop : EMBARKED


64. "D'oh!" : SILLYME


65. More ticked off : SORER

More ticked offIn a business context, The Lyme diseaseTed Alspach 

66. Sheltered side : LEE

Sheltered sideEarth The The Tooth decay, also known as dental caries or cavities, is the breakdown of teeth due to acids made by bacteria. The cavities may be a number of different colors from yellow to black. Symptoms may include pain and difficulty with eating. Complications may include inflammation of the tissue around the tooth, tooth loss and infection or abscess formation.. The cause of cavities is acid from ...


67. __ Joy : ALMOND


68. Honey drinks : MEADS


69. Capital south of Beirut : AMMAN


70. Indian yogurt dip : RAITA


71. Coffee shop order : MOCHA


72. Color TV pioneer : RCA

Color TV pioneerLocal WPVI-TVDigital The  

73. It ends rather spookily: Abbr. : OCT


74. Busyness symbol : BEE


75. Tick off : IRK


76. San Francisco's __ Valley : NOE


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