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Tuesday, 19 October 2021

[Solution] The Guardian Cryptic Crossword Answers Today Tue Oct 19 2021

Welcome to our free daily The Guardian crossword puzzles Answers Tue Oct 19 2021., formerly known as and Guardian Unlimited, is a British news and media website owned by the Guardian Media Group. The creators of the The Guardian newspaper has also shared 2 pages of their newspaper with some games that you can play while you are having a break. 

Following the clues and attempt to fill in all the The Guardian puzzle’s squares making you tedious?. We at happy to help you with crossword answers. Check back each day for a new The Guardian Crossword Answers or explore ones we recently published. Here is the complete list of clues and answers for the Tue Oct 19 2021, The Guardian Times crossword puzzle. Thank you once again for visiting website in solving all the Tue Oct 19 2021 Times Crossword Answers.


Across :

1. Complained of exercise in this square? (6) : GRIPED

5. Thought fun is late starting (6) : MUSING

8. Criticises financial centre; forgets what to say about it (7) : DECRIES

9. Makes off, seeing current end-of-year measures? (7) : DECAMPS

11. Unwelcome gift made undrink­able coffee, hated from the start by girl (8,7) : POISONEDCHALICE

12. Hastened to adopt disguise for auditors (4) : HIED

13. Toff in uniform was in the army secretly (10) : UNOBSERVED

17. Farmer being punched by small gang (10) : HUSBANDMAN

18. Parasite's brief panic about pound (4) : FLEA

20. Translating English literature, pens second half of proverb (6,2,7) : REPENTATLEISURE

23. Man alone before child (7) : EREMITE

24. A feeble prosecutor, so walk (7) : ALAMEDA

25. In safe space, nothing is to tease (4,2) : HAVEON

26. Summer weather coming in, button up dress (6) : SHEATH

Down :

2. Chairs about entrance to cabins on ships (9) : RECLINERS

3. It may have wings, but absolutely not power to rise (6) : PRISON

4. Observed screen did go haywire (9) : DISCERNED

5. Red Dwarf is beneath me (5) : MEDOC

6. Philosopher's very cheap cars (8) : SOCRATES

7. New measure of computer storage filling two clouds (5) : NIMBI

8. Skilled with scalping, hotel make one pay a bomb (5,6) : DEPTHCHARGE

10. Visiting sister, went and arrived with a progress check (5,6) : SPEEDCAMERA

14. Manifest expectancy in stands ringing large field (2,3,4) : BEALLEARS

15. Rodent not lacking stomach eating a sort of light pastry (3-2-4) : VOLAUVENT

16. A thousand queuing to catch a fast train here? (4,4) : MAINLINE

19. Irrational to criticise thief (6) : PIRATE

21. Mondrian's first to abrogate a religious genre (5) : PIETA

22. A little late, intentionally avoided any restaurant (3,2) : ATEIN

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