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Tuesday 23 November 2021

[Solution] 7 Little Words Crossword Answers Today Tue Nov 23 2021

It was the launch of 7 Little Words in May 2011, though, that has fuelled the company Blue Ox’s meteoric growth. The game had over 1 million downloads in its first month; was recognized in O, The Oprah Magazine; reached #2 on the U.S. iTunes game app charts; and has continued to find new fans, with more than 6 million downloads in the first year and a half. In addition to iOS, 7 Little Words is now available for Android (both on Google Play and Amazon app stores). 7 Little Words also has a French version, and Spanish puzzles are now available in the flagship app.

Each and every day come up with the answers of 7 Little Words. Let's have a look at Today dateString 7 Little Words Answers.

1. laid-back : UNHURRIED


2. bone connectors : JOINTS


3. without any blemishes : FLAWLESS

without any blemishesThe Inca religion was a group of beliefs and rites that were related to a mythological system evolving from pre-Inca times to Inca Empire. Faith in the Tawantinsuyu was manifested in every aspect of his life, work, festivities, ceremonies, etc. They were polytheists and there …Lameness is an abnormal gait or stance of an animal that is the result of dysfunction of the locomotor system. In the horse, it is most commonly caused by pain, but can be due to neurologic or mechanical dysfunction. Lameness is a common veterinary problem in racehorses, sport horses, and pleasure horses.It is one of the most costly health problems for the equine industry, both monetarily for ...


4. lively and cheerful : PERKY


5. quick to justify : DEFENSIVE


6. adding sparkle to : BEDAZZLING


7. swimming regimen : LAPS


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