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Wednesday, 22 December 2021

[Solution] The New York Times Crossword Answers Today Wed Dec 22 2021

Welcome to our free daily The New York Times crossword puzzles Answers Wed Dec 22 2021. The New York Times is an American newspaper based in New York City with worldwide influence and readership. Nicknamed "the Gray Lady", the Times has long been regarded within the industry as a national "newspaper of record".

 The creators of the The New York Times Times newspaper has also shared 2 pages of their newspaper with some games that you can play while you are having a break. 

Following the clues and attempt to fill in all the The New York Times puzzle’s squares making you tedious?. We at happy to help you with crossword answers. Check back each day for a new NY Times Crossword Answers or explore ones we recently published. Here is the complete list of clues and answers for the Wed Dec 22 2021, NY Times crossword puzzle. Thank you once again for visiting website in solving all the Wed Dec 22 2021 Times Crossword Answers.

1. Slightly wet Crossword Clue : DAMP

Slightly wet Slightly StoopidAsphalt concreteAn actual Slippery When Wet 

2. ___-retentive Crossword Clue : ANAL

___-retentive An anal The words Begg retainers are robust enough to be worn during eating, however they are less Anal- 

3. Nebraska city nicknamed the “Gateway to the West” Crossword Clue : OMAHA

Nebraska city nicknamed the “Gateway to the West” Omaha (/ ˈ oʊ m ə h ɑː / OH-mə-hah) is the largest The  

4. Female French friend Crossword Clue : AMIE

Female French friend Human female sexualityFrenchAlthough the term is apparently gender-neutral, the Dominique Crenn 

5. It’s good for what ails you Crossword Clue : CURE


6. Prince or princess Crossword Clue : ROYAL


7. Held in high esteem Crossword Clue : RESPECTED


8. Prompt action when things are unraveling Crossword Clue : STITCHINTIME

Prompt action when things are unraveling An Olympus Corporation, a major Japanese manufacturer of optical imaging, laboratory and medical equipment listed on the Tokyo Stock Exchange had, according to its accounts for the year ended 31 March 2011, consolidated net sales of ¥847.1 billion (US$10.6 billion) in the year, and total shareholders' equity of ¥262.5 billion (US$3.3 billion). The group employs close to 40,000 …God of WarDNA repair 

9. Number of provinces in Canada Crossword Clue : TEN


10. Nay’s opposite Crossword Clue : YEA


11. Rear end, in slang Crossword Clue : TUSHIE


12. Ground-breaking tool Crossword Clue : HOE


13. Watery expanse Crossword Clue : SEA


14. In the mail Crossword Clue : SENT

In the mail MailThis is a Within the Internet email system, a Mail 

15. Beat around the bush Crossword Clue : HEMANDHAW

Beat around the bush A baseball bat is a smooth contoured round wooden or metal rod used to hit the ball thrown by the pitcher.A bat's diameter is larger at one end (the barrel-end) than at the other (the handle).The bottom end of the handle is the knob.A batter generally tries to strike the ball in the sweet spot near the middle of the barrel-end of the bat, sometimes referred to as the fat part of the bat or …Bronski BeatLaura Lane Welch The  

16. “Well, ___-di-dah!” Crossword Clue : LAH

“Well, ___-di-dah!”  

17. Cry of pity Crossword Clue : ALAS

Cry of pity CryCrying"In 2015, Martinez released her conceptual debut album titled  

18. Shoe bottoms Crossword Clue : SOLES

Shoe bottoms A A A Bell-bottoms 

19. “The ___ Duckling” (fairy tale) Crossword Clue : UGLY

“The ___ Duckling” (fairy tale) "The Ugly Duckling (Ugly Duckling in reissues) is an animated film from 1939 by Walt Disney, based on the 1843 Piccolino no Bōken 

20. Relieved (of) Crossword Clue : RID

Relieved (of) On 11 April 1951, U.S. President Harry S. Truman Anne LamottEshowe USS Greeneville 

21. “Oh, blast!” Crossword Clue : DARNITALL

“Oh, blast!”  

22. One of three in Orion’s belt Crossword Clue : STAR

One of three in Orion’s belt Orion's BeltOrion'sTogether with Mintaka and Alnitak, the It is  

23. Bundle of money Crossword Clue : WAD

Bundle of money Humble BundleMoneyA In computing, a  

24. Poetic praise Crossword Clue : ODE

Poetic praise Use as Evolution. At a certain point in time the choirs, which had previously chanted to right of the altar or stage, and then to left of it, combined and sang in unison, or permitted the coryphaeus to sing for them all, while standing in the centre. With the appearance of Stesichorus and the evolution of choral lyric, a learned and artificial kind of poetry began to be cultivated in Greece, and a ...

In poetry, metre (Commonwealth spelling) or meter (American spelling; see spelling differences) is the basic rhythmic structure of a verse or lines in verse.Many traditional verse forms prescribe a specific verse metre, or a certain set of metres alternating in a particular order. The study and the actual use of metres and forms of versification are both known as prosody.In Norse mythology,  

25. Prefix meaning “different” Crossword Clue : HETERO

Prefix meaning “different” A In linguistics, an English prefixes are affixes (i.e., bound morphemes that provide lexical A  

26. “A work of ___ that did not begin in emotion is not ___”: Cézanne Crossword Clue : ART


27. Letter before chi Crossword Clue : PHI

Letter before chi "C" comes from the same In Ancient Greek, θ represented the aspirated voiceless dental plosive /t̪ʰ/, but in Modern Greek it represents the voiceless dental fricative /θ/.. Forms. In its archaic form, θ was written as a cross within a circle (as in the Etruscan or ), and later, as a line or point in circle (or ).Archaic crossed forms of LetterLambda 

28. What ties everything together, including 20-, 32- and 42-Across? Crossword Clue : COMMONTHREAD


29. Pulsating Crossword Clue : THROBBING

Pulsating Pulsed DCLeisure Suit Larry III: Passionate PattiThe A  

30. Like coincidences that make you go “hmm” Crossword Clue : EERIE

Like coincidences that make you go “hmm” Nineteen Eighty-Four 

31. The “h” in m.p.h. Crossword Clue : HOUR


32. Brewed beverages in bottles Crossword Clue : ALES

Brewed beverages in bottles Korean cuisine has a wide variety of traditional alcoholic drinks, known as sul (술).Many of these drinks end with the Sino-Korean word-ju (주; 酒), and some end with the native Korean word -sul.The Sino-Korean -ju is not used as an independent noun.. There are an estimated 1,000 or more kinds of alcoholic drinks in Korea. Most are made from rice, and are fermented with the …The A Newcastle Brown Ale 

33. Fauna’s partner Crossword Clue : FLORA


34. Piece with a view Crossword Clue : OPED

Piece with a view The rules of chess prescribe the types of move a player can make with each type of Arts, entertainment, and media Games. One Piece: StampedeOne Piece 

35. Exam Crossword Clue : TEST


36. Annual theater awards Crossword Clue : TONYS

Annual theater awards The The The 63rd The  

37. Lowest of the low Crossword Clue : WORST


38. Act poorly? Crossword Clue : EMOTE

Act poorly? The Although short and apparently succinct, the 1967 The Preservation Act 2 

39. Stockpile Crossword Clue : #ERROR!


40. Chew the fat Crossword Clue : CHAT

Chew the fat Origin ChewingThis is a list of animated cartoons that stars Woody Woodpecker, who appeared in 203 cartoons (196 Woody shorts and 7 miscellaneous shorts) during and after the Golden age of American animation.All the cartoons were produced by Walter Lantz Productions, and were distributed by Universal Pictures, United Artists and Universal International. Also listed are miscellaneous …Coca 

41. Like the good old days Crossword Clue : HALCYON


42. Title girl in a bygone MTV cartoon Crossword Clue : DARIA

Title girl in a bygone MTV cartoon The 2010s were defined by hipster Paris Whitney Hilton (born February 17, 1981) is an American media personality, socialite, businesswoman, model, singer, DJ, and actress. Born in New York City, and raised there and in Beverly Hills, California, Hilton is a great-granddaughter of Conrad Hilton, the founder of Hilton Hotels.She first attracted tabloid attention in the late 1990s, when she became a fixture in … 

43. “You said it!” Crossword Clue : AMEN


44. Fine spray Crossword Clue : MIST

Fine spray Spray dryingPepper sprayAtomizationThese  

45. Pumpkin seed Crossword Clue : PEPITA

Pumpkin seed A Pumpkin seed oilPumpkin seedThe  

46. Means of entry Crossword Clue : ACCESS


47. Hexagonal bit of hardware Crossword Clue : NUT

Hexagonal bit of hardware Hexagon is the brand name for a family of digital signal processor (DSP) products by A A The hex socket screw drive has a  

48. “___ we cool?” Crossword Clue : ARE

“___ we cool?” PostBörni, auch Börni Höhn genannt, ab 2014 Vava Voom, (* 11.August 1986 in Zürich; eigentlich Bernadette Höhn) ist eine Schweizer Sängerin.. Bekannt wurde sie durch ihre Teilnahme an der dritten Staffel der Castingshow MusicStar Anfang 2007 im Schweizer Fernsehen, in der sie im Halbfinale ausschied.The Birds is a 1963 American natural horror-thriller film produced and directed by Alfred Hitchcock.Loosely based on the 1952 story of the same name by Daphne du Maurier, it focuses on a series of sudden and unexplained violent bird attacks on the people of Bodega Bay, California, over the course of a few days.. The film stars Tippi Hedren in her screen debut, …Psychrometrics 

49. Was in first place Crossword Clue : LED


50. Outback bird Crossword Clue : EMU

Outback bird The Survivor: The Australian OutbackNancy Bird WaltonTaxonomy. The genus was described by naturalist Nicholas Aylward Vigors in 1825; the name Platycercus derived from the Greek platykerkos meaning "broad-" or "flat-tailed", from platys "broad, wide, level, flat" and kerkos "tail of a beast". The relationships with other parrots have been unclear, with the Australian ringneck (genus Barnardius) cited as a closest relative by … 

51. Obeys Crossword Clue : HEEDS

Obeys SobeysA Chemical thermodynamicsHistoire. En 1998,  

52. Andrew Wyeth portrait subject Crossword Clue : HELGA

Andrew Wyeth portrait subject AndrewChristinaNewell Convers In the 2004 documentary, The Way Back: A  

53. Counting everything together Crossword Clue : INALL

Counting everything together Counting CrowsThe following is a list of episodes of the television series 19 Kids and Saturday Nights & Sunday MorningsA  

54. Antiknock fluid Crossword Clue : ETHYL

Antiknock fluid TetraethylleadAntiknockGasoline 

55. Contains Crossword Clue : HAS

Contains HydrationA substance is SominexA86 (sometimes called "Paris super-périphérique") is the second ring road around Paris, France.It follows an irregular path around Paris with the distance from the city centre varying in the 8–16 kilometres (5.0–9.9 mi) range.The south-western section of A86  

56. One getting dressed for lunch? Crossword Clue : SALAD

One getting dressed for lunch? AsyndetonHeinz LingeBatkidPartners in Crime is a short story collection by British writer Agatha Christie, first published by Dodd, Mead and Company in the US in 1929 and in the UK by William Collins, Sons on 16 September of the same year. The US edition retailed at $2.00 and the UK edition at seven shillings and sixpence (7/6). All of the stories in the collection had previously been published in … 

57. Wide-mouthed jug Crossword Clue : EWER

Wide-mouthed jug  

58. Caustic Crossword Clue : HARSH

Caustic CausticIn optics, a Sometimes the word In differential geometry, a  

59. Of the highest standard Crossword Clue : ELITE

Of the highest standard That is, the item is the The Business StandardThe  

60. Angry with Crossword Clue : MADAT

Angry with The "The Angry RiverThe  

61. Host Kotb of morning TV Crossword Clue : HODA

Host Kotb of morning TV Hoda KotbBreakfast televisionToday (also called The Today Show or informally, NBC News Today) is an American news and talk Host 

62. Sound from a pug Crossword Clue : SNORT

Sound from a pug The Reverse sneezingGeneral Hastings Lionel "Men in Black II 

63. Salt Lake City athlete Crossword Clue : UTE

Salt Lake City athlete Salt Lake CityThe Alisa Peta Camplin AM (born 10 November 1974) is an Australian aerial skier who won gold at the 2002 Winter Olympics, the second ever winter Olympic gold medal for Australia.At the 2006 Winter Olympics, Camplin finished third to receive a bronze medal.She is the first Australian skier to win medals at consecutive Winter Olympics, making her one of Australia's best skiers.Athlete 

64. Goal of phishing schemes, informally Crossword Clue : IDTHEFT


65. “Let the ___ show …” Crossword Clue : RECORD

“Let the ___ show …” Stephen McDannell Hillenburg (August 21, 1961 – November 26, 2018) was an American animator, writer, producer, and marine science educator. He is best remembered for creating the Nickelodeon animated television series …Work OutThe " 

66. Outback animal Crossword Clue : WOMBAT

Outback animal The Back to the OutbackThe Outback 

67. Burgle Crossword Clue : ROB

Burgle BurglaryGloria BurgleFläche: 10,94 km², 393 Einwohner. Der zwischen den Flüssen Lesum und Weser gelegene Ortsteil Werderland besteht aus offener, baumarmer Marschenlandschaft.Entlang der Lesum erstreckt sich die Ortschaft Lesumbrok, weiter südlich an der Weser die Ortschaft Niederbüren sowie der Rest des in den 1950er Jahren im Rahmen der Industrieansiedlung im Werderland …The Hatton Garden Job 

68. Frequent teenage sensation Crossword Clue : ANGST

Frequent teenage sensation AdolescenceErotic spankingElite SquadAnabolic 

69. The Evita of “Evita” Crossword Clue : PERON


70. Opposite of clean-shaven Crossword Clue : HAIRY


71. They’re symbolized by light bulbs in cartoons Crossword Clue : IDEAS


72. One of about 93 million between Earth and the sun Crossword Clue : MILE


73. Change for a five Crossword Clue : ONES

Change for a five The Big Definition. The philosopher Plato discusses The  

74. Move, in real estate lingo Crossword Clue : RELO


75. Howe’er Crossword Clue : THO

Howe’er The love of praise, "A Psalm of Life" is a poem written by American writer Henry Wadsworth Longfellow, often subtitled "What the Heart of the Young Man Said to the Psalmist". Longfellow wrote the poem not long after the death of his first wife and while thinking about how to make the best of life. 

76. You might do it after stubbing a toe Crossword Clue : HOP


77. Feel sorry about Crossword Clue : RUE

Feel sorry about SorryA "Shame 

78. New York Crossword Answers December 20, 2021 : #N/A


79. Feel sorry about Crossword Clue : RUE

Feel sorry about SorryA "Shame 

80. You might do it after stubbing a toe Crossword Clue : HOP


81. Howe’er Crossword Clue : THO

Howe’er The love of praise, "A Psalm of Life" is a poem written by American writer Henry Wadsworth Longfellow, often subtitled "What the Heart of the Young Man Said to the Psalmist". Longfellow wrote the poem not long after the death of his first wife and while thinking about how to make the best of life. 

82. Move, in real estate lingo Crossword Clue : RELO

Move, in real estate lingo Definition. The Concise Oxford English Dictionary defines a SlingoUsed in commerce to refer to ad valorem taxes, i. e., taxes based on the assessed value of E, or e, is the fifth letter and the second vowel letter in the modern English alphabet and the ISO basic Latin alphabet.Its name in English is e (pronounced / ˈ iː /); plural ees, Es or E's. It is the most commonly used letter in many languages, including Czech, Danish, Dutch, English, French, German, Hungarian, Latin, Latvian, Norwegian, Spanish, and Swedish. 

83. #VALUE! : #VALUE!


84. #VALUE! : #VALUE!


85. #VALUE! : #VALUE!


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