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Thursday, 6 January 2022

[Solution] 7 Little Words Crossword Answers Today Thu Jan 06 2022

It was the launch of 7 Little Words in May 2011, though, that has fuelled the company Blue Ox’s meteoric growth. The game had over 1 million downloads in its first month; was recognized in O, The Oprah Magazine; reached #2 on the U.S. iTunes game app charts; and has continued to find new fans, with more than 6 million downloads in the first year and a half. In addition to iOS, 7 Little Words is now available for Android (both on Google Play and Amazon app stores). 7 Little Words also has a French version, and Spanish puzzles are now available in the flagship app.

Each and every day come up with the answers of 7 Little Words. Let's have a look at Today dateString 7 Little Words Answers.

1. pigeon home : DOVECOTE

pigeon homeLieutenant PigeonGerald  

2. dental hygiene thread : FLOSS

dental hygiene threadA Terminology. The term " 

3. downplay : TRIVIALIZE

downplayJebeRedefining events to Robert Russell Garwood (born April 1, 1946) is a controversial former Vietnam War prisoner of war (POW). Garwood was a United States Marine Corps private first class when he was captured on September 28, 1965 near Da Nang, Quang Nam Province.. Often cited as the last verified American POW from the Vietnam War, Garwood was taken to North Vietnam in 1969, and …Intensify/ 

4. giving the green light to : OKAYING

giving the green light toGreen LightGreenA The  

5. Williams Sonoma purchases : COOKWARE


6. typographical pauses : COMMAS

typographical pausesThe HomecomingPunctuationFrom a hardware design point of view, unmapped areas of a bus are often designed to return zeroes; since the NOP slide behavior is often desirable, it gives a bias to coding it with the all-zeroes opcode.. Code. A function or a sequence of programming language statements is a NOP or null statement if it has no effect.A line is a unit of language into which a poem or play is divided. The use of a line operates on principles which are distinct from and not necessarily coincident with grammatical structures, such as the sentence or single clauses in sentences. Although the word for a single poetic line is verse, that term now tends to be used to signify poetic form more generally. 

7. eerie : CHILLING

eerieEerie Indiana 

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