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Tuesday 18 January 2022

[Solution] The New York Times Crossword Answers Today Tue Jan 18 2022

Welcome to our free daily The New York Times crossword puzzles Answers Tue Jan 18 2022. The New York Times is an American newspaper based in New York City with worldwide influence and readership. Nicknamed "the Gray Lady", the Times has long been regarded within the industry as a national "newspaper of record".

 The creators of the The New York Times Times newspaper has also shared 2 pages of their newspaper with some games that you can play while you are having a break. 

Following the clues and attempt to fill in all the The New York Times puzzle’s squares making you tedious?. We at happy to help you with crossword answers. Check back each day for a new NY Times Crossword Answers or explore ones we recently published. Here is the complete list of clues and answers for the Tue Jan 18 2022, NY Times crossword puzzle. Thank you once again for visiting website in solving all the Tue Jan 18 2022 Times Crossword Answers.

1. Spray lightly Crossword Clue : MIST


2. Sore from exercise, say Crossword Clue : ACHY


3. Chicken or duck Crossword Clue : FOWL

Chicken or duck The "TurduckenChicken marsalaChicken 

4. Artificial feature in New York’s Central Park Crossword Clue : LAKE


5. Oak or beech Crossword Clue : TREE


6. Possible requirements for joining a tattoo club? Crossword Clue : TWOINKMINIMUMS


7. Zero Crossword Clue : NONE


8. It’s “the word” Crossword Clue : MUM


9. Not great, as chances Crossword Clue : SLIM

Not great, as chances The Biggest Loser: Second The  

10. Material easily mistaken for aluminum Crossword Clue : TIN


11. A healthy person regularly calling in sick, e.g.? Crossword Clue : ILLPRACTICE


12. Drifting sheet Crossword Clue : ICEFLOE


13. Italian author Umberto Crossword Clue : ECO


14. Lil ___ X Crossword Clue : NAS


15. Give up Crossword Clue : CEDE


16. Point Crossword Clue : AIM


17. Italian author Ferrante Crossword Clue : ELENA


18. What a nervous public speaker sounds like? Crossword Clue : UMMACHINE


19. As an ___ (parenthetically) Crossword Clue : ASIDE


20. Outdoor “carpet” Crossword Clue : SOD


21. Intro to girl Crossword Clue : ATTA


22. Word in a “Batman” balloon Crossword Clue : POW


23. Org. that creates the G.R.E. Crossword Clue : ETS


24. “Carrying the Banner” musical Crossword Clue : NEWSIES


25. Preceded in commenting on an adorable kitten photo, say? Crossword Clue : BEATTOTHEAW


26. Megan Thee Stallion genre Crossword Clue : RAP


27. Annual festival in Austin, Tex. Crossword Clue : SXSW


28. Sigma/upsilon go-between Crossword Clue : TAU


29. Tabloid twosome Crossword Clue : ITEM


30. Lucy’s empty-booth sign in “Peanuts” … or a hint to 16-, 24-, 37- and 55-Across Crossword Clue : THEDOCTORISOUT


31. Uncommon Crossword Clue : RARE


32. Single-serve coffee holder Crossword Clue : KCUP


33. Cannabis strain named for its regional origin Crossword Clue : KUSH


34. #ERROR! : #ERROR!


35. Prop for a tilting bookcase, say Crossword Clue : SHIM


36. Dog command Crossword Clue : STAY


37. Frequently, in poetry Crossword Clue : OFT

Frequently, in poetry In poetryOld Norse poetryPoetryFound poetry 

38. “Isn’t that special!” Crossword Clue : HOWNICE


39. Reacted to a dreamboat, maybe Crossword Clue : SWOONED


40. Lena or Ken of film and TV Crossword Clue : OLIN


41. One jotting down a few notes? Crossword Clue : SONGWRITER


42. Area for development Crossword Clue : LOT


43. Like apples and oranges Crossword Clue : ACIDIC


44. Safe Crossword Clue : NORISK


45. Some brief updates Crossword Clue : TWEETS


46. Locale for a castaway Crossword Clue : ISLET

Locale for a castaway Survivor: South Pacific"Toes" is a song recorded by the Zac Brown Band, an American country music band. Lead singer Zac Brown and bass guitarist John Driskell Hopkins co-wrote the song with Shawn Mullins and Wyatt Durrette.It was released in July 2009 as the third single from the band's 2008 major-label debut studio album The Foundation.The song became their second number one hit and their …Disney Cruise LineSurvivor: Edge of Extinction 

47. Stick around school Crossword Clue : RULER

Stick around school Approximately Chóu 籌 "A Stickin' Around 

48. 2010s fansite craze whose members joined Hogwarts houses Crossword Clue : POTTERMORE


49. Start of many a criticism Crossword Clue : TOO


50. “Ho” preceder Crossword Clue : HEAVE


51. Main ingredient in hitsumabushi Crossword Clue : EEL


52. Mirabile ___ (wonderful to say: Lat.) Crossword Clue : DICTU


53. Takes advantage of a situation, so to speak Crossword Clue : MAKESHAY


54. How things typically are Crossword Clue : THENORM


55. Majestic Crossword Clue : STATELY


56. Blue-nosed sorts? Crossword Clue : SMURFS


57. Get smart Crossword Clue : WISEUP

Get smart Get SmartGet Smart, AgainHistory Precursors. Although popularized by Smart 

58. Like many apps with faulty features Crossword Clue : INBETA


59. Country song Crossword Clue : ANTHEM


60. “Things aren’t looking so great” Crossword Clue : ITSBAD


61. Dalmatian mascot of the National Fire Protection Association Crossword Clue : SPARKY


62. Well-suited? Crossword Clue : NATTY


63. Response akin to “So what?” Crossword Clue : OKAY


64. Word after foot or before hands Crossword Clue : HOLD


65. 2021 Super Bowl champ Crossword Clue : BUC


66. Numbskull Crossword Clue : TWIT


67. Basketball stat: Abbr. Crossword Clue : REB


68. Annual eight-day celebration Crossword Clue : CHANUKAH


69. Upscale watch brand Crossword Clue : CITIZEN


70. Florida city whose name has three pairs of doubled letters Crossword Clue : KISSIMMEE


71. #VALUE! : #VALUE!


72. #VALUE! : #VALUE!


73. #VALUE! : #VALUE!


74. #VALUE! : #VALUE!


75. #VALUE! : #VALUE!


76. #VALUE! : #VALUE!


77. #VALUE! : #VALUE!


78. #VALUE! : #VALUE!


79. #VALUE! : #VALUE!


80. #VALUE! : #VALUE!


81. #VALUE! : #VALUE!


82. #VALUE! : #VALUE!


83. #VALUE! : #VALUE!


84. #VALUE! : #VALUE!


85. #VALUE! : #VALUE!


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