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Sunday, 13 March 2022

[Solution] The New York Times Crossword Answers Today Sun Mar 13 2022

Welcome to our free daily The New York Times crossword puzzles Answers Sun Mar 13 2022. The New York Times is an American newspaper based in New York City with worldwide influence and readership. Nicknamed "the Gray Lady", the Times has long been regarded within the industry as a national "newspaper of record".

 The creators of the The New York Times Times newspaper has also shared 2 pages of their newspaper with some games that you can play while you are having a break. 

Following the clues and attempt to fill in all the The New York Times puzzle’s squares making you tedious?. We at happy to help you with crossword answers. Check back each day for a new NY Times Crossword Answers or explore ones we recently published. Here is the complete list of clues and answers for the Sun Mar 13 2022, NY Times crossword puzzle. Thank you once again for visiting website in solving all the Sun Mar 13 2022 Times Crossword Answers.

1. Pinky swear, e.g. Crossword Clue : PACT


2. Pause in the middle of a line of poetry Crossword Clue : CAESURA


3. Creature also known as a greenfly Crossword Clue : APHID


4. Substitute for coffee Crossword Clue : NONDAIRYCREAMER


5. Baptisms by fire Crossword Clue : ORDEALS


6. Palmed, say Crossword Clue : HID


7. Prefix with consciousness Crossword Clue : ECO


8. Last word of the first sentence of Kafka’s “The Metamorphosis” Crossword Clue : INSECT


9. Pick Crossword Clue : TAP


10. “Don’t Look Up” star, in tabloids Crossword Clue : JLAW


11. Parts of baseballs and mines Crossword Clue : SEAMS


12. Country with two official languages – Guaraní and Spanish Crossword Clue : PARAGUAY


13. Move from side to side, as a ship Crossword Clue : YAW


14. 2000 Sisqó hit with a rhyming title Crossword Clue : THONGSONG


15. 1924 tale of derring-do Crossword Clue : BEAUGESTE


16. New Jersey’s “unofficial rock theme of our State’s youth” Crossword Clue : BORNTORUN


17. Something picked up by a silent butler Crossword Clue : ASH


18. Minions Crossword Clue : FLUNKIES

Minions MinionsMinionsMinionsMinions 

19. Basic technique in skateboarding Crossword Clue : OLLIE


20. Nitwit, to a Brit Crossword Clue : PRAT


21. “What do you want me to do about it?” Crossword Clue : AND


22. Be plucky? Crossword Clue : TWEEZE


23. Hollywood, with “the” Crossword Clue : BIZ

Hollywood, with “the” My Scene Goes Hollywood: The Movie 

24. Astronaut Jemison Crossword Clue : MAE


25. Didn’t cause trouble Crossword Clue : BEHAVED


26. “Golly!” Crossword Clue : JEEPERSCREEPERS


27. It might work on a block Crossword Clue : DRANO


28. They might work on a block Crossword Clue : PATROLS


29. Floor Crossword Clue : STUN


30. Europe’s oldest capital Crossword Clue : ATHENS


31. Lumbering tool Crossword Clue : BANDSAW


32. Turn in Crossword Clue : REDEEM




34. Put up Crossword Clue : BUILT


35. Muffs Crossword Clue : ERRS

Muffs The MuffsThe Mrs. Brown's BoysYohanan 

36. “Against the ___” (Thomas Pynchon novel) Crossword Clue : DAY


37. On equal footing, in Latin Crossword Clue : PARIPASSU


38. Mirrored Crossword Clue : APED


39. Tea, in Mandarin Crossword Clue : CHA


40. Result of a poor audio connection, perhaps Crossword Clue : TIMELAG


41. Part of the body first successfully transplanted in 1905 Crossword Clue : CORNEA


42. Exponential ___ (function in physics) Crossword Clue : DECAY


43. Like many street-level apartments Crossword Clue : NOISY


44. Juice boxes? Crossword Clue : CHARGERS


45. Rumpus Crossword Clue : ROW


46. Danced to the music of Carlos Acuña, say Crossword Clue : TANGOED


47. “We / Jazz ___” (line in Gwendolyn Brooks’s “We Real Cool”) Crossword Clue : JUNE


48. Popular dishes in Québécois cuisine Crossword Clue : POUTINES


49. Went round and round in circles Crossword Clue : GOTNOWHERE


50. Record holder for the most M.L.B. All-Star selections Crossword Clue : HANKAARON


51. Spell Crossword Clue : BOUT


52. Attire at some academies Crossword Clue : BLAZERS


53. Exams for British 18-year-olds Crossword Clue : ALEVELS


54. Jewelry store tools Crossword Clue : SIZERS

Jewelry store tools James Avery Artisan JewelryA Damiani S.p.A or Damiani Group, is an Italian luxury  

55. Minds Crossword Clue : HEEDS


56. Mentally worn out Crossword Clue : FRIED


57. Mount with facility Crossword Clue : LEAPON


58. Vegan sandwich, for short Crossword Clue : PBJ


59. Enforcement mechanisms, metaphorically Crossword Clue : TEETH


60. Where to pick sides? Crossword Clue : MENU


61. Handful, say Crossword Clue : BRAT


62. Overly rehearsed Crossword Clue : PAT


63. Occupation of Leo Bloom in “The Producers,” for short Crossword Clue : CPA


64. Peak in the “Odyssey” Crossword Clue : OSSA


65. Wood strip Crossword Clue : LATH


66. Take by force Crossword Clue : WREST


67. Shows scorn toward Crossword Clue : SPITSAT


68. Question following a clever trick Crossword Clue : SEEWHATIDIDTHERE


69. #VALUE! : #VALUE!


70. #VALUE! : #VALUE!


71. #VALUE! : #VALUE!


72. #VALUE! : #VALUE!


73. #VALUE! : #VALUE!


74. #VALUE! : #VALUE!


75. #VALUE! : #VALUE!


76. #VALUE! : #VALUE!


77. #VALUE! : #VALUE!


78. #VALUE! : #VALUE!


79. #VALUE! : #VALUE!


80. #VALUE! : #VALUE!


81. #VALUE! : #VALUE!


82. #VALUE! : #VALUE!


83. #VALUE! : #VALUE!


84. #VALUE! : #VALUE!


85. #VALUE! : #VALUE!


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