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Wednesday 11 January 2023

[Solution] USAToday Crossword Answers Today Wed Jan 11 2023

Welcome to our free daily USA Today crossword puzzles Answers Wed Jan 11 2023. USA Today is an internationally distributed American daily middle-market newspaper that is the flagship publication of its owner, Gannett. Founded by Al Neuharth on September 15, 1982, it operates from Gannett's corporate headquarters in McLean, Virginia. The creators of the USA Today newspaper has also shared 2 pages of their newspaper with some games that you can play while you are having a break. 

Following the clues and attempt to fill in all the USA Today puzzle’s squares making you tedious?. We at happy to help you with crossword answers. Check back each day for a new USA Today Crossword Answers or explore ones we recently published. Here is the complete list of clues and answers for the Wed Jan 11 2023, USA Today Times crossword puzzle. Thank you once again for visiting website in solving all the Wed Jan 11 2023 Times Crossword Answers.

1. 01. Buddy : PAL


2. 04. Cars with meters : CABS


3. 08. Artificial cave : GROTTO


4. 14. "Squid Game" actress Yoo-mi : LEE


5. 15. Leave out : OMIT


6. 16. Laughed loudly : ROARED


7. 17. "It's more of an ___ than a science" : ART


8. 18. Sweet loaf sometimes made with walnuts : BANANABREAD


9. 20. Money that jingles : COINS


10. 22. Window part : PANE


11. 23. Kilimanjaro is one (Abbr.) : MTN


12. 24. ___ noche (tonight) : ESTA

24. ___ noche (tonight)""" 

13. 25. ___ eagles : BALD


14. 27. Mall tenant : STORE


15. 29. Collectible that jiggles : BOBBLEHEAD


16. 32. Materials in Minecraft : ORES


17. 33. "Big ___ Freak" (Megan Thee Stallion song) : OLE


18. 34. Envisions : SEES


19. 35. Removes from the page : ERASES


20. 37. Toasty : WARM


21. 38. Type of nose piercing : STUD


22. 39. Go halfsies on : SPLIT


23. 42. Well-organized : NEAT

42. Well-organizedWebWebWebWeb 

24. 43. Word after "padded" or "nursing" : BRA


25. 46. Gets the wrinkles out of : IRONS


26. 47. Book enjoyed on a summer vacation : BEACHREAD


27. 49. Animals' lairs : DENS


28. 50. Partially melted snow : SLUSH

50. Partially melted snowThe Sun is the star at the center of the Solar System.It is a nearly perfect ball of hot plasma, heated to incandescence by nuclear fusion reactions in its core. The Sun radiates this energy mainly as light, ultraviolet, and infrared radiation, and is the most important source of energy for life on Earth.. The Sun's radius is about 695,000 kilometers (432,000 miles), or 109 times that …Mars is the fourth planet from the Sun and the second-smallest planet in the Solar System, only being larger than Mercury.In the English language, Mars is named for the Roman god of war.Mars is a terrestrial planet with a thin atmosphere (less than 1% that of Earth's), and has a crust primarily composed of elements similar to Earth's crust, as well as a core made of iron and nickel.AntarcticaSea level rise 

29. 51. Formal promise : OATH


30. 52. ___ replacer (vegan substitute) : EGG


31. 53. Owl's cry : HOOT


32. 54. Sandbox or simulation, for video games : GENRE


33. 55. Single dude's lair : BACHELORPAD


34. 59. Unit of cellphone signal strength : BAR

59. Unit of cellphone signal strength 

35. 60. Love, in French : AMOUR


36. 61. ___ Ressa, journalist who co-founded Rappler : MARIA


37. 62. Part of a royal flush : ACE

62. Part of a royal flushFilm and television. The de Havilland DH.110 Sea Vixen is a British twin-engine, twin boom-tailed, two-seat, carrier-based fleet air-defence fighter flown by the These stories set the stage for "Crisis on Earth-One" (Justice League of America #21, August 1963) and "Crisis on Earth-Two" (Justice League of America #22, September 1963), a two-Nazarbayev later himself chose to settle in the upper  

38. 63. Pays to use : RENTS


39. 64. How someone might wink : SLYLY


40. 65. H.S. diploma equivalent : GED


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