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Sunday 22 January 2023

[Solution] The Los Angeles Times Crossword Answers Today Sun Jan 22 2023

Welcome to our free daily The Los Angeles Times crossword puzzles Answers Sun Jan 22 2023. The Los Angeles Times is a daily newspaper based in El Segundo, California, which has been published in Los Angeles, California, since 1881. It has the fifth-largest circulation in the U.S., and is the largest American newspaper not headquartered on the East Coast. The creators of the LA Times newspaper has also shared 2 pages of their newspaper with some games that you can play while you are having a break. 

Following the clues and attempt to fill in all the Los Angeles Times puzzle’s squares making you tedious?. We at happy to help you with crossword answers. Check back each day for a new LA Times Crossword Answers or explore ones we recently published. Here is the complete list of clues and answers for the Sun Jan 22 2023, LA Times crossword puzzle. Thank you once again for visiting website in solving all the Sun Jan 22 2023 Times Crossword Answers.

1. Garden lure : SPIDERWEB

Garden lureWebWebWebWeb 

2. Prefix meaning "coil" : SPIRO

Prefix meaning "coil"1 : an affix attached to the beginning of a word, base, or phrase and serving to produce a derivative word or an inflectional form compare suffix 2 : a title used before a person's name prefixal ˈprē-ˌfik-səl prē-ˈfik- adjective What is a Prefixes are letters which we add to the beginning of a word to make a new word with a different meaning. Prefixes can, for example, create a new word opposite in meaning to the word the …A prefix is defined as a syllable or group of syllables added to the beginning of a word or a root word stem to alter its meaning. Prefixes add complexity to the English language and make it possible to create new words that are easily understood by speakers everywhere. Reviewing a variety of prefix examples and what they mean will help you apply logic to new words and … 

3. It straddles the border of two western states : LAKETAHOE


4. Brass, for one : ALLOY

Brass, for oneBrass is still commonly used in applications where corrosion resistance and low friction are required, such as locks, hinges, gears, bearings, ammunition casings, zippers, plumbing, hose couplings, valves, and electrical plugs and sockets. It is used extensively for musical instruments such as horns and bells.brass, alloy of copper and zinc, of historical and enduring importance because of its hardness and workability. The earliest brass, called calamine brass, dates to Neolithic times; it was probably made by reduction of mixtures of zinc ores and copper ores.1. : an alloy consisting essentially of copper and zinc in variable proportions. 2. a. : the brass instruments of an orchestra or band often used in plural. b. : a usually brass memorial tablet. c. …Thu Jan 30 2020 00:00:00 GMT+0530 (IST) 

5. Closing question : AREWEDONE

Closing questionclosingnoun the end or conclusion, as of a speech. something that closes; a fastening, as of a purse. the final phase of a transaction, especially the meeting at which procedures are carried out in the …closingclosing 

6. Subjects for reviewers : FILMS

Subjects for reviewersWebWebWebWebWebWebWebWebWeb 

7. Kind of gravel : PEA

Kind of gravel1. a. : a group united by common traits or interests : category. b. : a specific or recognized variety. what kind of car do you drive. c. : a doubtful or barely admissible member of a category. a kind of gray.Synonyms for KIND: type, sort, genre, variety, stripe, breed, nature, like; Antonyms of KIND: thoughtless, unthinking, unkind, inconsiderate, heedless, uncaring, inattentive, inhospitablekinda class or group of individual objects, people, animals, etc., of the same nature or character, or classified together because they have traits in common; category: Our dog is the same kind as … 

8. What some glasses lack : RIMS

What some glasses lackWebWebWebWeb 

9. Observed visiting : SEENAT


10. Break off loudly : SNAP

Break off loudlyWebWebWebWebWebWebWebWebWeb 

11. Write the wrong number on, perhaps : MISDATE

Write the wrong number on, perhapsWebWebWebWeb 

12. Legal option : APPEAL

Legal optionlegalSynonyms of of or relating to law; connected with the law or its administration: the 3. appointed, established, or authorized by law; deriving authority from law. 4. recognized by law rather than by equity. 5. of, pertaining to, or characteristic of the profession of law or of lawyers: a legal mind. n. 6. a person who acts in a legal manner or with legal authority. 

13. Warning after using an iron : FORE

Warning after using an ironWebWeb 

14. A.L. East squad : TOR

A.L. East squadWebWebWebWeb 

15. __ space : CRAWL


16. Glove material : LATEX

Glove materialWebWebWebWebWebWebWebWebWeb 

17. Speech interruptions : UMS

Speech interruptionsWebWebWebWeb 

18. Work to get : EARN

Work to getworked ˈwərkt or wrought ˈrȯt ; working. intransitive verb. 1. a. : to perform work or fulfill duties regularly for wages or salary. works in publishing. b. : to perform or carry through a task requiring sustained effort or continuous repeated operations. worked all day over a hot stove.3. as in job. the action for which a person or thing is specially fitted or used or for which a thing exists the work of a movie director is to tell a story through a series of striking images. Synonyms & Similar Words. is a general word that refers to exertion that is either easy or hard: pleasurable work; backbreaking work. drudgery suggests continuous, dreary, and dispiriting work, esp. of a menial or servile kind: Cleaning these blinds is sheer drudgery. labor denotes hard manual work, esp. for wages: Repairing the bridge will require months of labor. toil suggests wearying or exhausting labor: The farmer's health was failing from constant toil.Wed Jan 18 2023 00:00:00 GMT+0530 (IST) 

19. Support on the way up : PITON

Support on the way upMicrosoft support is here to help you with Microsoft products. Find how-to articles, videos, and training for Microsoft 365, Windows, Surface, and a habit. 4. a. : to hold up or serve as a foundation or prop for. b. : to maintain (a price) at a desired level by purchases or loans. also : to maintain the price of by purchases or loans. 5. : …Support Home ; Products . Printer Support; Computer Support; Poly Collaboration Devices; Ink & Toner Cartridges; All; Software and Drivers ; Diagnostics . Printer Diagonostic Tools; …More support options. Help for admins of small businesses. Open a service request in the Microsoft 365 admin center. This service is free. Microsoft Store support. Get help and support … 

20. Cookout choice : BRAT

Cookout choiceCook Out cares about the quality of both its food and service. If you were not 100% satisfied with your recent experience, please call 1-866-547-0011 to speak with one of our customer service representatives. We would love to hear about your experience and follow up with you from there.Cook Out cares about the quality of both its food and service. If you were not 100% satisfied with your recent experience, please call 1-866-547-0011 to speak with one of our customer service representatives. We would love to hear about your experience and follow up with you from there. 

21. Modicum : BIT


22. One of a nursery rhyme trio : BAKER

One of a nursery rhyme trioWebWebWebWeb 

23. Most successful African-American PGA golfer before Woods : PEETE

Most successful African-American PGA golfer before Woods1 : to the greatest or highest degreeoften used with an adjective or adverb to form the superlative the mostat (the) mostadj. best, greatest adv. nearly all; extremely synonyms for 1 of the 10 A in the neighborhood of. very close. ballpark figure. in a manner of speaking. someplace or other. kicking around. someplace or another. any old place. in one place or another.23 hours ago · But ChatGPT fooled  

24. Custom finish? : ARY

Custom finish?WebWebWebWebWebWebWebWebWeb 

25. Made it up : LIED

Made it upWebWebWebWeb 

26. Follow : SHADOW


27. Armadas on the road : NISSANS

Armadas on the roadarmadaArmadaArmada an armed force; a fleet of ships of war, specifically, the fleet sent against England by Philip of Spain in 1588. Examples: an armada of ships, 1533; of aircraft. Dictionary of Collective Nouns and Group Terms. Copyright 2008 The Gale Group, Inc. All rights reserved. Thesaurus AntonymsRelated WordsSynonymsLegend: Switch to new thesaurus NounArmada2019 Nissan Armada SL $27,998* • 71K mi $599 Shipping from ARMADA SThis is the official Save up to $5,340 on one of 290 used Nissan Find a . Used Nissan Armada in Encinitas, CA.  

28. Turnovers, e.g. : STAT


29. Take out : DELETE

Take outWebWebWebWeb 

30. Shot in the dark : STAB

Shot in the darkWebWebWebWebWebWebWebWebWeb 

31. Clicking sound? : AHA

Clicking sound?WebWebWebWeb 

32. "Battlestar Galactica" commander : ADAMA

"Battlestar Galactica" commanderBattlestar Galactica: Created by Glen A. Larson, Ronald D. Moore. With Edward James Olmos, Mary McDonnell, Jamie Bamber, James Callis. When an old enemy, the Cylons, resurface and obliterate the 12 colonies, the crew of the aged Galactica protect a small civilian fleet - the last of humanity - as they journey toward the fabled 13th colony, Earth.Battlestar Galactica is an American science fiction media franchise created by Glen A. Larson. The franchise began with the original television series in 1978, and was followed by a short-run sequel series ( Galactica 1980 ), a line of book adaptations, original novels, comic books, a board game, and video games.Battlestar Galactica. Considered by many to be one of the best television series ever made, Battlestar Galactica picks up just as Cylons - intelligent robots designed by humankind - commit mass genocide against humanity. Home.Sat Nov 05 2022 00:00:00 GMT+0530 (IST) 

33. One who's no fun to play with : POORLOSER

One who's no fun to play withWebWebWebWeb 

34. Showed up : GOTIN

Showed upSynonyms for SHOWED: exhibited, displayed, flashed, unveiled, announced, produced, exposed, waved; Antonyms of SHOWED: disguised, masked, camouflaged, hid, covered, concealed, obscured, veiled Merriam-Webster LogoshowedShown or Wed Jul 20 2022 00:00:00 GMT+0530 (IST) 

35. Bicycle tire feature : VALVESTEM

Bicycle tire featureWebWebWebWeb 

36. Discharge : EGEST


37. Tiny arboreal amphibians : TREETOADS


38. Indication of an offense : SLAP

Indication of an offenseindicationindication 

39. Take a little off : PARE

Take a little offWebWebWebWeb 

40. Many of its products are named for Scandinavian places : IKEA

Many of its products are named for Scandinavian placesWebWebWebWebWebWebWebWebWeb 

41. Mountain __ : DEW


42. Hardly transitory : ETERNAL

Hardly transitoryhardlyhardlyhardlyonly just; almost not; barely: We had hardly reached the lake when it started raining. hardly any; hardly ever. not at all; scarcely: That report is hardly surprising. with little likelihood: He will hardly come now. 

43. Like much flower symmetry : RADIAL

Like much flower symmetryWebWebWebWebWebWebWebWebWeb 

44. Defeat decisively : WHOMP

Defeat decisivelyWebWebWebWeb 

45. Quite a stretch : EONS

Quite a stretchWebWebWebWeb 

46. One who does a waggle dance : BEE

One who does a waggle danceONEONEDeutsch Webhosting Info Features News Hilfe. Français Hébergement web Infos Fonctionnalités Services nouvelles. Nederlands Web hosting Info Kenmerken Nieuws OndersteuningMetallica's official music video for “ 

47. Sensitive health class subject : SAFESEX

Sensitive health class subjectsensitivesensitivesensitiveadjective endowed with sensation; having perception through the senses. readily or excessively affected by external agencies or influences. having acute mental or emotional sensibility; …Sensitivesensitiveadj. easily hurt synonyms for Mon Oct 11 2021 00:00:00 GMT+0530 (IST)Fri Nov 23 2018 00:00:00 GMT+0530 (IST) 

48. Practiced diligently : PLIED


49. Sulky : ILLNATURED


50. It's often used to make paste : ROMATOMATO

It's often used to make pasteWebWebWebWebWebWebWebWebWeb 

51. Traditional Christmas Eve dish for some : OYSTERSTEW

Traditional Christmas Eve dish for sometraditionalMeaning of traditionalSynonyms of TRADITIONALtraditional1 day agoadj. usual, established synonyms for Shop  

52. Traffic stopper, at times : SIREN

Traffic stopper, at timesWebWebWebWeb 

53. Tailored : SEWN


54. Power source : MOTOR

Power sourceWebWebWebWeb 

55. Elastic wrap brand : ACEBANDAGE

Elastic wrap brandWebWebWebWeb 

56. Herbivore named for its habitat : PRAIRIEDOG

Herbivore named for its habitatFri Jul 15 2022 00:00:00 GMT+0530 (IST)Fri May 20 2022 00:00:00 GMT+0530 (IST) 

57. List on a ticket : PARTYSLATE

List on a ticketListlistSynonyms for Define ListFri Jan 20 2023 00:00:00 GMT+0530 (IST)Thu Jan 05 2023 00:00:00 GMT+0530 (IST)The Tue Jan 10 2023 00:00:00 GMT+0530 (IST) 

58. In the cards : FATED


59. Takes an interest in : LIKES

Takes an interest inWebWebWebWebWebWebWebWebWeb 

60. Revolutionary pamphleteer : PAINE

Revolutionary pamphleteerWebWebWebWeb 

61. Top : BEAT


62. Far from subtle : BLATANT

Far from subtleWebWebWebWeb 

63. High-tech communications portmanteau : PHABLET

High-tech communications portmanteauWebWebWebWebWebWebWebWebWeb 

64. Feel a strong need (for) : STARVE

Feel a strong need (for)felt ˈfelt ; feeling transitive verb 1 a : to handle or touch in order to examine, test, or explore some quality She felt the fabric to see if it was wool. b : to perceive by a physical sensation coming from discrete end organs (as of the skin or muscles) He felt a sudden pain in his leg. 2 a : to undergo passive experience offeelSynonyms of feel 

65. Rest area array : SEMIS

Rest area arrayWebWebWebWeb 

66. Made off with : STOLE

Made off withWebWebWebWeb 

67. Use an updraft, say : SOAR

Use an updraft, sayWebWebWebWebWebWebWebWebWeb 

68. Old movie dog : ASTA

Old movie dogOld is a 2021 American thriller film written, directed, and produced by M. Night Shyamalan. It is based on the French-language Swiss graphic novel Sandcastle by Pierre Oscar Levy [ fr] and Frederik Peeters. The film features an ensemble cast consisting of Gael García Bernal, Vicky Krieps, Rufus Sewell, Alex Wolff, Thomasin McKenzie, Abbey Lee, Nikki Amuka-Bird, Ken …OldIn Theaters July 23https://www.Oldold 

69. Be mindful of : HEED


70. Administrative branches : ARMS

Administrative branchesWebWebWebWeb 

71. Low mil. rank : PVT

Low mil. rankLowe's Companies, InclowMix - Low is an American indie rock band from Duluth, Minnesota, formed in 1993 by Alan Sparhawk and Mimi Parker. The band was a trio from 1993 to 2020, having featured four different bassists. Parker was a member from its formation until her death in 2022. The music of Low is characterized by slow tempos and minimalist arrangements. Early descriptions sometimes … 

72. Granada bear : OSO

Granada bearWebWebWebWeb 

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