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Friday 27 January 2023

[Solution] The Los Angeles Times Crossword Answers Today Fri Jan 27 2023

Welcome to our free daily The Los Angeles Times crossword puzzles Answers Fri Jan 27 2023. The Los Angeles Times is a daily newspaper based in El Segundo, California, which has been published in Los Angeles, California, since 1881. It has the fifth-largest circulation in the U.S., and is the largest American newspaper not headquartered on the East Coast. The creators of the LA Times newspaper has also shared 2 pages of their newspaper with some games that you can play while you are having a break. 

Following the clues and attempt to fill in all the Los Angeles Times puzzle’s squares making you tedious?. We at happy to help you with crossword answers. Check back each day for a new LA Times Crossword Answers or explore ones we recently published. Here is the complete list of clues and answers for the Fri Jan 27 2023, LA Times crossword puzzle. Thank you once again for visiting website in solving all the Fri Jan 27 2023 Times Crossword Answers.

1. Garden lure : SPIDERWEB

Garden luregardenGardenTo cultivate (a plot of ground) as a 22 hours ago · Meiwo Hanging Vertical  

2. Prefix meaning "coil" : SPIRO

Prefix meaning "coil"prefixWhat is a Prefixes are letters which we add to the beginning of a word to make a new word with a different meaning. Prefixes can, for example, create a new word opposite in meaning to the word the …What is a prefixPrefixes are letters which we add to the beginning of a word to make a new word with a different meaning. Prefixes can, for example, create a new word opposite in meaning to the word the …What is a A Sat May 04 2019 00:00:00 GMT+0530 (IST) 

3. It straddles the border of two western states : LAKETAHOE

It straddles the border of two western statesThe meaning of Wed Nov 23 2022 00:00:00 GMT+0530 (IST)Meaning of straddle in English. straddle. verb [ T ] uk / ˈstræd. ə l / us / ˈstræd. ə l /. to sit or stand with your legs on either side of something: He pulled on his helmet and straddled the …Synonyms for STRADDLE: perch, sit, bestride, squat, sprawl, set, lounge, slouch; Antonyms of STRADDLE: stand, rise, arise, get up, reduce, close, prevent, preclude 

4. Brass, for one : ALLOY

Brass, for oneWebWebWebWeb 

5. Closing question : AREWEDONE

Closing questionnoun. clos· ing ˈklō-ziŋ. 1. : a concluding part (as of a speech) 2. : a closable gap (as in an article of clothing) 3. : a meeting of parties to a real-estate deal for formally transferring title.closingthe end or conclusion, as of a speech. something that closes; a fastening, as of a purse. the final phase of a transaction, especially the meeting at which procedures are carried out in the …Closings Closings 

6. Subjects for reviewers : FILMS

Subjects for reviewerssubjected; subjecting; subjectsubjectsn. 1. One who is under the rule of another or others, especially one who owes allegiance to a government or ruler. 2. a. One concerning which something is said or done; a person or thing being discussed or dealt with: a subject of gossip. b. Something that is treated or indicated in a … 

7. Kind of gravel : PEA

Kind of gravel1. a. : a group united by common traits or interests : category. b. : a specific or recognized variety. what kind of car do you drive. c. : a doubtful or barely admissible member of a category. a kind of gray.a class or group of individual objects, people, animals, etc., of the same nature or character, or classified together because they have traits in common; category: Our dog is the same kind as …Synonyms for KIND: type, sort, genre, variety, stripe, breed, nature, like; Antonyms of KIND: thoughtless, unthinking, unkind, inconsiderate, heedless, uncaring, inattentive, inhospitablekind 

8. What some glasses lack : RIMS

What some glasses lackWebWebWebWeb 

9. Observed visiting : SEENAT

Observed visitingWebWebWebWeb 

10. Break off loudly : SNAP

Break off loudlyd. : to make or effect by cutting, forcing, or pressing through. break a trail through the woods. 4. : to disrupt the order or compactness of. break formation. 5. : to make ineffective as a binding force. break the spell.breakto destroy or end something, or to come to an end: Eventually someone spoke, breaking the silence. She laughed and that broke the tension. The enemy were unable to to infringe, ignore, or act contrary to (a law, rule, promise, etc.): She broke her promise. verb (used without object), broke or (Archaic) brake; bro·ken or (Archaic) broke; break·ing. to … 

11. Write the wrong number on, perhaps : MISDATE

Write the wrong number on, perhapswriteto trace or form (characters, letters, words, etc.) on the surface of some material, as with a pen, pencil, or other instrument or means; inscribe: Writewrite42 Synonyms of a. To fill (an amount of space) with words or information: wrote five pages in an hour. b. To put written information in the blank spaces of (a check, form, or similar document). 3. a. To produce or compose (text) in a recorded form that can be read: WriteOpt for simple word choice. Delete fluff (e.g. instead of saying “in order to”, say “to”) Go ahead and make use of a thesaurus, but don’t try to be a Shakespeare or even an Ernest Hemingway—just keep it simple and true to yourself. 9. Tone up your tone in writing. Getting tone right is key to being a good Mon Dec 26 2022 00:00:00 GMT+0530 (IST) 

12. Legal option : APPEAL

Legal optionlegalDefinition of of or relating to law; connected with the law or its administration: the 3. appointed, established, or authorized by law; deriving authority from law. 4. recognized by law rather than by equity. 5. of, pertaining to, or characteristic of the profession of law or of lawyers: a legal mind. n. 6. a person who acts in a legal manner or with legal authority. 

13. Warning after using an iron : FORE

Warning after using an iron: something that warns or serves to warn especially : a notice or bulletin that alerts the public to an imminent hazard (such as a tornado, thunderstorm, or flood) noun Definition of  

14. A.L. East squad : TOR

A.L. East squadWebWeb 

15. __ space : CRAWL


16. Glove material : LATEX

Glove materialWebWebWebWeb 

17. Speech interruptions : UMS

Speech interruptionsspeechWed May 22 2019 00:00:00 GMT+0530 (IST)Thu Nov 10 2022 00:00:00 GMT+0530 (IST)Speech. Speech is a human vocal communication using language. Each language uses phonetic combinations of vowel and consonant sounds that form the sound of its words (that is, all English words sound different from all French words, even if they are the same word, e.g., "role" or "hotel"), and using those words in their semantic character as words in the lexicon of a … 

18. Work to get : EARN

Work to getWebWebWebWeb 

19. Support on the way up : PITON

Support on the way upWebWebWebWeb 

20. Cookout choice : BRAT

Cookout choiceWebWebWebWeb 

21. Modicum : BIT


22. One of a nursery rhyme trio : BAKER

One of a nursery rhyme trioWebWeb 

23. Most successful African-American PGA golfer before Woods : PEETE

Most successful African-American PGA golfer before WoodsWebWebWebWeb 

24. Custom finish? : ARY

Custom finish?a. A traditional practice or usual way of doing something followed by a social group or people. b. The tradition or body of such practices: The respect that is by custom accorded to the king. 2. a. A habitual practice of a person: my custom of reading a little before sleep. See Synonyms at …noun. a usual or habitual practice; typical mode of behaviour. the long-established habits or traditions of a society collectively; conventioncustom dictates good manners. a practice which …custom definition: 1. a way of behaving or a belief that has been established for a long time: 2. something you…. Learn more.custom 

25. Made it up : LIED

Made it upDefinition of We partner with over 150 established and up-and-coming designers, artists and collaborators 1. Sales at the point of transaction excluding applicable VAT 2. Unique customers who shopped at least once in 2021 What we do Investors Key information for  

26. Follow : SHADOW


27. Armadas on the road : NISSANS

Armadas on the roadWebWebWebWebWebWebWebWebWeb 

28. Turnovers, e.g. : STAT

Turnovers, e.g.WebWebWebWebWebWebWebWebWeb 

29. Take out : DELETE

Take outWebWebWebWeb 

30. Shot in the dark : STAB

Shot in the darkshotshotshotnoun, plural shots or, for 6, 8, shotshotFind 31 ways to say shotThe  

31. Clicking sound? : AHA

Clicking sound?WebWebWebWebWebWebWebWebWeb 

32. "Battlestar Galactica" commander : ADAMA

"Battlestar Galactica" commanderWebWebWebWeb 

33. One who's no fun to play with : POORLOSER

One who's no fun to play withONEONE 

34. Showed up : GOTIN

Showed upto give advice and instruction to (someone) regarding the course or process to be followed showed1. To be or become visible or evident: Concern “Shown” is the past participle of the verb “to show,” while “ 

35. Bicycle tire feature : VALVESTEM

Bicycle tire featureWebWeb 

36. Discharge : EGEST


37. Tiny arboreal amphibians : TREETOADS

Tiny arboreal amphibianssmall, little, diminutive, minute, tiny, miniature mean noticeably below average in size. small and little are often interchangeable, but small applies more to relative size determined by capacity, …How is the word tiny distinct from other similar adjectives? Some common synonyms of tiny are diminutive, little, miniature, minute, and small. While all these words mean "noticeably below average in size," tiny is an informal equivalent to minute. tiny cracks formed in the painting.Words related to tiny. insignificant, microscopic, miniature, minuscule, puny, slight, teeny, bitsy, bitty, diminutive, infinitesimal, itsy-bitsy, itty-bitty, little, midget, mini, minikin, minimum, minute, …tiny definition: 1. extremely small: 2. extremely small: 3. extremely small: . Learn more. 

38. Indication of an offense : SLAP

Indication of an offenseindicationindicationindicationindication 

39. Take a little off : PARE

Take a little offWebWebWebWebWebWebWebWebWeb 

40. Many of its products are named for Scandinavian places : IKEA

Many of its products are named for Scandinavian placesWebWebWebWebWebWebWebWebWeb 

41. Mountain __ : DEW


42. Hardly transitory : ETERNAL

Hardly transitoryhardlyhardlyhardlyhardly15 hours ago · hardlyHardlyMon Jan 23 2023 00:00:00 GMT+0530 (IST)2 days ago · Emma Roberts is 'obsessed' with Stevie Nicks. Speaking with Collider, Emma Roberts was asked about her previous claims about being Stevie Nicks' biggest fan. "I'm obsessed with her, and I ...


43. Like much flower symmetry : RADIAL

Like much flower symmetrylike356 Synonyms & Antonyms of likecorresponding or agreeing in general or in some noticeable respect; similar; analogous: drawing, painting, and traducir See definition of Tue Aug 11 2020 00:00:00 GMT+0530 (IST)We use What is … Cardi B, Bad Bunny & J Balvin - I  

44. Defeat decisively : WHOMP

Defeat decisivelydefeated; defeating; defeats transitive verb 1 : to win victory over : beat defeated their archrivals in the championship game The bill was defeated in the Senate. 2 a : frustrate sense 2a (1) …defeatDefinition of defeatthe act of overcoming in a contest: an overwhelming defeatdefeatFind 300 ways to say Defeated definition, relating to or being the loser in a contest, election, battle, etc.; overcome or vanquished: For several days in succession, fragments of the defeated army straggled through the town. 

45. Quite a stretch : EONS

Quite a stretchWebWeb 

46. One who does a waggle dance : BEE

One who does a waggle danceONEONE 

47. Sensitive health class subject : SAFESEX

Sensitive health class subjectsensitiveDefinition of sensitivesensitive adjective (KIND) B2. understanding what other people need, and being helpful and kind to them: Representatives of the company claim their plan will be sensitive to local needs. In … 

48. Practiced diligently : PLIED

Practiced diligentlyWebWebWebWeb 

49. Sulky : ILLNATURED


50. It's often used to make paste : ROMATOMATO

It's often used to make pasteWebWebWebWeb 

51. Traditional Christmas Eve dish for some : OYSTERSTEW

Traditional Christmas Eve dish for someWebWebWebWeb 

52. Traffic stopper, at times : SIREN

Traffic stopper, at timesGet points plus better Sacramento traffic reports. Real-time speeds, accidents, and traffic cameras. Check conditions on key local routes. Email or text traffic alerts on your personalized routes.Los Angeles traffic reports. Real-time speeds, accidents, and traffic cameras. Check conditions on the Ventura and Hollywood freeways, I-5 and I-405, and other local routes. Email or text traffic alerts on your personalized routes.Traffic 

53. Tailored : SEWN


54. Power source : MOTOR

Power sourceWebWebWebWebWebWebWebWebWeb 

55. Elastic wrap brand : ACEBANDAGE

Elastic wrap brandElastic offers data search, observability, and security solutions helping your teams get full visibility into your infrastructure and apps. Join us for ElasticON Global 2023: the biggest Elastic user …Elastic offers simple pricing without any hidden fees or prepayment penalty. With each Cash Advance, you pay a 5% or 10% Cash Advance Fee, depending on your Billing Cycle. You are required to repay a portion of your Balance each Billing Cycle, and if you have a Carried Balance of greater than $10, a Carried Balance Fee of $5 - $350 will apply. 2Heya, we’re Elastic. We’re the leading platform for search-powered solutions, and we help everyone — organizations, their employees, and their customers — find what they need faster, while keeping applications running smoothly, and protecting against cyber threats. When you tap into the power of Elastic Enterprise Search, Observability, and Security solutions, you’re in …elastic 

56. Herbivore named for its habitat : PRAIRIEDOG

Herbivore named for its habitatFri Jul 15 2022 00:00:00 GMT+0530 (IST)Fri May 20 2022 00:00:00 GMT+0530 (IST)her· bi· vore ˈ (h)ər-bə-ˌvō (ə)r -ˌvȯ (ə)r : a plant-eating animal especially : ungulate More from Herbivory is a form of consumption in which an organism principally eats autotrophs [6] such as plants, algae and photosynthesizing bacteria. More generally, organisms that feed on autotrophs in general are known as primary consumers . Herbivory … 

57. List on a ticket : PARTYSLATE

List on a ticketWebWebWebWeb 

58. In the cards : FATED


59. Takes an interest in : LIKES

Takes an interest inWebWebWebWeb 

60. Revolutionary pamphleteer : PAINE

Revolutionary pamphleteerc. : constituting or bringing about a major or fundamental change. a revolutionary new product. 2. capitalized : of or relating to the American Revolution or to the period in which it occurred. revolutionarily. ˌre-və-ˌlü-shə-ˈner-ə-lē. adverb. revolutionariness.A revolutionary is a person who either participates in, or advocates a revolution. The term revolutionary can also be used as an adjective, to refer to something that has a major, sudden impact on society or on some aspect of human endeavor.(initial capital letter) of or relating to the American Revolution or to the period contemporaneous with it in U.S. history: Revolutionary heroes; Revolutionary weapons.a person who favors rapid and sweeping changes especially in laws and methods of government after the collapse of the Russian monarchy, the moderate socialists briefly governed until being overthrown by the Bolshevik revolutionaries. 

61. Top : BEAT


62. Far from subtle : BLATANT

Far from subtleWebWebWebWeb 

63. High-tech communications portmanteau : PHABLET

High-tech communications portmanteauWebWebWebWeb 

64. Feel a strong need (for) : STARVE

Feel a strong need (for)WebWebWebWeb 

65. Rest area array : SEMIS

Rest area arrayWebWebWebWeb 

66. Made off with : STOLE

Made off withDefinition of We partner with over 150 established and up-and-coming designers, artists and collaborators 1. Sales at the point of transaction excluding applicable VAT 2. Unique customers who shopped at least once in 2021 What we do Investors Key information for  

67. Use an updraft, say : SOAR

Use an updraft, say: the ability or power to useSynonyms of Say the daughter of your favorite musician just enrolled at your school. If you just As applied to persons, Tue Jan 17 2023 00:00:00 GMT+0530 (IST)“Fri Sep 11 2020 00:00:00 GMT+0530 (IST)The  

68. Old movie dog : ASTA

Old movie dogOldIn Theaters July 23https://www.Old 

69. Be mindful of : HEED


70. Administrative branches : ARMS

Administrative branchesadministrativeadministrativen. 1. The act or process of administering, especially the management of a government or large institution. 2. The activity of a government or state in the exercise of its powers and duties. 3. often Administration. a. The executive branch of a government. b.administrative 

71. Low mil. rank : PVT

Low mil. rankWebWebWebWeb 

72. Granada bear : OSO

Granada bearWebWebWebWeb 

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